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sometimes I feel like a broken record - If you really knew me. . .

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April 5th, 2010

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04:20 pm - sometimes I feel like a broken record
I feel like I have to repeat myself a lot. It's okay though, cause it is usually not to the same person, it happens when council people on nutrition, since it's generally the same advice- but applied differently depending on the person. But it helps to make that information second nature. I can't WAIT til the new dietary guidelines come out in the fall. Man, that makes me sound nerdy.

I'm also trying everything to keep encouraging Jeremy to keep plugging along in college. I am so proud of what he's doing and try my best to support him in any way I can. He doesn't have that much of his associates left. I can't wait for him to start his ASU program and get where he wants to be. I love him.

Easter was great- and super full! I am so grateful to our friends and family. The girls had a great day too. I just wish I could've had another weekend!

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