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If you really knew me. . .

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25 July 1981
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I'm a wife and mother, with a full time career. Budding dance mom and band mom. Anti-hunger advocate.
"friends", 24, acting, afi, alcohol, alton brown, american beauty, apa, arizona, arizona state, arizona state university, asu, authority zero, bad religion, baseball, being lazy, being naked, billards, billy corgan, bookmans, bowling, brak, bubble baths, canasta, candles, cats, chasing amy, chemistry, chinese food, chips and salsa, classic literature, clerks, college, concerts, cooking, cousins of the wize, cowboy bebop, crohn's disease, dairy free ranch dressing, days off, dietetics, dogma, dorks, dreaming, drinking jenga, driving, edgar allen poe, ein, embercoast, emily dickinson, empire records, face to face, family, flute, food, food network, football, friends, garlic breadsticks, geeks, gel pens, getting frustrated, getting mail, girl repellent, go, good eats, guttermouth, headfirst, hermann hesse, high fidelity, history, hospitality, jimmy eat world, john cusack, katie holmes, kevin smith, kissing, laughing, laying down, logik, loud music, love, mallrats, math, monkey, movies, music, mystery science theatre 3000, nerds, nerf herder, night, nutrition, ohio state, oreganos, pampered chef, pembroke welsh corgi, pennywise, physics, pizookie, playing in the rain, playing pool, porn, pretending i'm cool, procrastination, psychology, pti, punk, punk music, reading, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, running, saturdays, school, seafood, seattle, sex, sex on the beach, singing off key, sleep, smashing pumpkins, spirituality, strawberry cheesecake, strong bad, superstition mountain, tarot, tea, tempe, thai food, that guy over there, the ataris, the critic, the format, the simpsons, tutoring, ulcerative colitis, vintage, water, writing, zwan

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